Ram Pres Plaster


This plaster is specially formulated for the production of molds used to manufacture ceramic tableware with RAM pressing machines.

To enable the ceramic producer to form ceramic instantly and remove it from the mold by high air pressure purging, this plaster has great strenght and porosity.

Plaster/Water (by weight) : 3.0 - 4.0
Vicat ring spread diameter : 250 - 290 mm
Beginning of set : 18 ± 2 min. (Depends on demand)
End of set : 22 ± 2 min.
Compressive strength : 900 - 1,100 Kg/cm²

Air purging: After the initial setting of the slurry, the mass will begin to warm up. When the temperature reaches 7-8 degrees centigrade higher than room temperature, air purging should be started with increasing pressure 0.5 bars within every 0.5 minutes up to 6 bars. The pressure should be held for at least half an hour at that pressure.

Technical consultancy will be offered for the use of this plaster when needed.